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The most important decisions in getting a home sold are your decisions.  Ultimately, you decide on the list price, the condition of the property, the availability to show the property, if offers are accepted (or counteroffers are made), and the selection of the Realtor (which affects marketing and negotiations).


As a result, when I meet with you to discuss the potential listing of your property, I treat it as a consultation. Since my job is to help you, I want to ensure that I can:


  1. Meet your expectations

  2. Work with you together as a team, and

  3. Have open and honest communications.


The stakes are typically high in any real estate transaction – both financially and emotionally.  You may be confused by many factors including the neighbors’ home prices (list vs. actual sale prices), appraisals (appraisers use historical sales data, which may not reflect current market conditions), and other Realtors bidding on your listing.


I strive to be a source of clarity in all this confusion.  Tools I use to reduce confusion include:


  • Time Schedule: What is your requirement or expectation for achieving a certain close date?


  • Your Neighborhood’s Odds of Selling: I calculate your neighborhood’s odds of selling based on current listings and historical sales trends in the neighborhood. This is a “big picture” idea, and it is based on how other homes are selling in the area.


  • Choices and Consequences: I work to explain the choices and consequences of your decisions throughout the process of the transaction.


  • Visual Pricing Methods: I utilize visual pricing methods based on active listings, pending transactions, and closed sales to help you identify the optimal list (asking) price for your home, as well as an expectation of offering prices (which will ultimately become contract prices).



I know that two of your greatest fears are that your house sells for too cheap (which will leave your money on the table), or your house doesn’t sell at all (which may complicate your life plans).


My visual pricing methods will provide clarity so you have a much greater level of understanding of current market conditions.


You may also fear that you are paying your Realtor too much, or that you are not getting the value out of the Realtor, based on commission you will be paying them. I strive to earn your business by adding value to the transaction. 


It is my experience that there is NOT a fixed price for your home, but rather a price range, based on the marketing and negotiation skills of your Realtor. My job is to get you as close as possible to the top end of the range.  There are five things that will help you get there:


  1. The first thing I want to do is to take a tour of your home. As I do this, I will discuss ways to enhance the value of your property so you can get closer to the top of the range.

  2. Next, I will discuss a pricing strategy. I want to make sure that we don’t overprice your property so we scare buyers away, and I don’t want to underprice your property so you leave money on the table.

  3. Then, I will discuss my marketing plan. My marketing plan is designed to get you maximum exposure in the marketplace.  If I can get you maximum exposure, I will get you more showings, and if I can get you more showing I will get you more offers.  The more showings and the more offers I get, the closer I get you to the top of the range.

  4. When I get those offers, my job is to help you negotiate the best contract. Negotiation is an important skill in any market. Many times, the best  contract may not be the highest-priced contract.  There are five negotiation points to a contract – I’ll go through each of those five.

  5. And then finally, there are a lot of moving parts in a real estate transaction.  My job is to manage the moving parts so your contract closes on time with the least amount of drama and surprises.

I call these the Five Points of Value.

Southwest Florida Coast Pre-List Seller’s Guide

This book is organized around my Five Points of Value, which can also be interpreted as steps in the transaction.  Furthermore, I have added two sections plus addenda items to provide you with a more complete picture of your potential transaction.


This book is divided into these seven parts that represent each major phase of the ideal decision-making process to successfully sell your home.  Furthermore, these parts are in a first-to-last step order, where you first meet with me so that I can tell you a few things about me, and so I can learn about you and what’s important to you.  The last step is the ultimate sale of your property.


STEP 1:  What You Should Know About Me and How We Will Work Together


The purpose of this step is to:


  • Tell you a little about me.

  • Get to know you.

  • Understand what is important to you.

  • Give you a copy of my Southwest Florida Coast Pre-List Seller’s Guide, which will provide you will all the basic things you need to know before selling your home.


In this step (and this section of my Pre-List Seller’s Guide), I describe My Guiding Principle and How I Operate; provide Reviews others have made about me; provide a Real Estate Agent Questionnaire you should use as a guide in interviewing prospective real estate agents; provide what I consider to be your Bill of Rights (as I see it) in your relationship with an agent; provide a Brokerage Relationship Disclosure and Form which discloses the nature of a transaction brokerage relationship in the State of Florida, and provide you with my Pre-List Questionnaire so I can learn more about you.


Step 2:  The Walkthrough


Once you have selected your real estate agent, the next step is the walkthrough.  This is intended to discover 1) What are you selling?  2) What is your property’s condition? and 3) Should you consider staging? 


Step 3:  Market Statistics in Your Neighborhood


In this section, I explore recent market statistics in your neighborhood by way of a market report.  This is intended to provide a broad framework for current and historical sales and listing activity in your neighborhood.


Step 4:  Pricing Strategy


This section explains the methodology used to arrive at a specific pricing strategy for your home.  This process includes the following: 1) Research your property. 2) Research your neighborhood. 3) Compare to most recent sales data. 4) Compare to current listings. and 5) Connect it all together. 


Step 5:  Marketing Strategy

Once your property is listed with me, I will implement my marketing plan, which includes a comprehensive suite of print, digital, and web-based services.  This section provides an overview of the services provided by Southwest Florida Coast Group, as well as a Photography Pre-Shoot Checklist to prepare for the professional photography.


Step 6:  Negotiation


Once I receive offers for your home, I will work to negotiate one of them to a successful contract.  This section describes the five negotiating points in a real estate contract and my philosophy in negotiating on your behalf. Beyond preferring collaborative negotiations, I utilize my negotiating skills, my pre-game knowledge, my known patterns of success, and the quality of my communications.


Step 7:  Transaction Management


Once I negotiate a contract for your home, I will manage the transaction to a successful close.  This section describes the types of contracts that I use, basic elements of the contract and timeframes, and concludes with a discussion of who pays for what in a real estate transaction.


Related Supplements and Publications


All the following supplements and publications were developed and are published exclusively by me.


Southwest Florida Coast Buyer’s Guide


The Southwest Florida Coast Buyer’s Guide walks you through the entire process of finding your ideal property. 


Major Communities Map


The Major Communities Map provides a color-coded and labeled map of the communities in the buyer’s guide.


Southwest Florida Coast Community Guides


These are guides to the four major categories of community types separated between Naples and Bonita/Estero.  Between all the community guides, we have descriptions of over 160 communities in our area.


Southwest Florida Coast “How’s the Real Estate Market?” Community Market Reports


As a supplement to the community guides, I publish eight quarterly newsletters known as “How’s the Real Estate Market?”, Each of the eight newsletters focuses on a specific market/community type in our area, and are further divided between Naples and Bonita/Estero.  The four markets include Coastal Communities, Inland Golf Communities, Inland Non-Golf Communities, and Estate-Sized Lot Communities.


Where We Go From Here


If you are interested in selling your property, please contact me so I can send you a copy of my Southwest Florida Coast Pre-List Seller’s Guide, and arrange a time to meet with you in person.


I look forward to hearing from you and working with you to successfully market and sell your home. Be assured that the process of selling your home will be handled with the attention that you deserve.


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